The Objective of the Summer Enrichment Program

The objective is to innovatively craft activities that differ from those utilized in the classroom. Enrichment activities are frequently interactive in nature and program-focused.

The Goal of the Enrichment Program

The primary goal is the prevention/reduction in summer learning loss to better prepare program participants to academically excel during the coming school year.

Tutoring Component of a Summer Enrichment Program

An integral part of the WiSHES Summer Enrichment Program is Tutoring. During the summer much emphasis is placed on re-teaching concepts in mathematics and grammar that were not fully comprehended during the academic school year. Each participants materials are grade specific and thoroughly prepared. Tutoring sessions from the 2015 Summer Enrichment Program click here

Butterfly Project

During our Summer Project we have observe the life cycle of Painted Lady Butterflies. As the students have learned, the Butterflies Life Cycle is from eggs, to caterpillars, to chrysalis where they emerge as a butterfly. 

We began with 36 caterpillars and at the end of the project we had 25 Beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies that we released outside of the center.

Please enjoy the time lapsed video of the caterpillar going into chrysalis and real time video of a butterfly emerging from chrysalis.

To view time elapsed video recordings of the Butterfly Project from WiSHES Tutoring Center click here

 Soda Can Robots Project

To see photos of the Soda Can Robots Project taken at WiSHES Tutoring Center during the 2015 Summer Enrichment Program click here.

Field Trips

Summer is a time of relaxation and fun and that is precisely what our recreational activities offer our program participants. Onsite activities include reading, science projects, playing board games, assembling puzzles, robotics projects, crafts, computer games, and card games. One day per week we are offsite for field trips.

Program participants at WiSHES Tutoring Center Trip to Huber Heights Fire Station #22 & Kroger Aquatic Center during the 2015 Summer Enrichment Program click here.

Program participants at WiSHES Tutoring Center Video of Trip to COSI during the 2015 Summer Enrichment Program click  here.