The Correlation Between Reading & Reading Comprehension

There is a direct correlation between a student’s academic success to their reading and reading comprehension skills. Failure to develop reading skills and comprehension of text read will critically affect a students performance in academia and beyond.

What are the Four Essential Skills Needed for Reading?

  • The ability to decode text
  • The ability to read fluently
  • The ability to connect letters and sounds
  • The ability to recognize commonly used words

What are the Six Essential Skills Needed for Reading Comprehension?

  • Memory
  • Language
  • Reasoning
  • Concentration

How do WiSHES Tutoring Staff help program participants develop and master these six essential skills?

  • Interactive reading
  • Visual processing skills
  • Auditory processing skills
  • Aid with decoding strategies
  • Help participants understand what they are reading
  • Encourage students to become engaged writers while developing reading comprehension skills
The reading and reading comprehension skills listed above are developed and calibrated over a period of many years.  Any child that masters these skills will over time become a more proficient reader. In reading proficiency, the goal is that as a child gets older they are reading at or above grade level and that their reading comprehension progressively improves. Because the skills listed above are continually developing, over many years our reading and reading comprehension program contains the same fundamental components for all grade levels in accordance with the Common Core Standards of Ohio.

These components are students’ abilities too:

  • Demonstrate reading fluency
  • Phonetically identify and recognize words
  • Integrate knowledge of current and new ideas
  • Express key ideas and details in writing
  • Craft and structure concepts verbally and in writing
  • Present knowledge of ideas using a range of writing skills
  • Apply critical thinking to express opinions and thoughts clearly and rationally