Slide into 2017

wishes-sliding-into-2017-bulletin-board3 Well, we’ve lept into a new year. Christmas is over and it is time to begin 2017 and the third quarter. With half of the of the 2016-17 Academic School Year completed it is now time to help your child maintain their current grades or course correct and make some improvements. A few tips to help begin the quarter and complete the school year as successfully as possible:
  1. Check Electronic Assignments Daily. If your child’s teachers post assignments online, review this information on a daily basis. Updates may be made after the initial assignment, quiz, and test date information is posted. Seeing these updates can be critical.
  2. Stay In Communication With Teachers. Teachers appreciate parents that are proactive in their child’s education.
  3. Student Inquiries Can Make the Difference. Encourage your child to proactively and respectfully inquire with their teachers about their academics. Teachers tend to admire students that frequently inquire about the grades and assignments. This practice helps your child take ownership of their performance and it is never too early to learn this skill. Also, it is cue to teachers that the student truly cares about their grades.
  4. Inquire And Diligently Follow-through. This suggestion is for both parents and students. If suggestions are made your child’s teachers it is imperative that they are headed and any requested assignments & make-up work etc. be completed by the agreed upon due dates.