During this time of “new normal” we at WiSHES are taking many precautions to guard the safety of program participants, staff, and the loving family members with whom we reside. Among the measures are:

  1. Masks are worn by staff and participants upon entering WiSHES.
  2. When entering and before leaving the building all program participants temperatures are taken using an infrared thermometer.
  3. All staff and students are either socially distanced by a 6 feet proximity or separated by plastic partition from ceiling to tabletop.
  4. Our classrooms adhere to Governor DeWine’s requirement (1 instructor and 9 students) for occupants in a gathering space.
  5. Siblings and immediate family members are permitted to sit side-by-side without masks and/or plastic partitions
  6. When seated and doing their studies within the plastic partitions students are permitted to have a break from wearing their masks.
  7. Surfaces (tabletop and chairs) are wiped with Clorox cleaner.
  8. Door handles and doors are wiped with Clorox cleaner.
  9. Students are 1:1 with computer equipment and headphones.
  10. All other cleaning and sanitation measures are standard for business operation.

The specific local needs our program seeks to meet are the identification of math, phonics, reading, and reading comprehension deficiencies for program participants in PreK-12th grades.

At WiSHES we re-teach and/or teach the following mathematics, reading, and reading comprehension concepts as needed:

Wishes Tutoring


  • Basic numeracy
  • Measurement
  • Data & graphs
  • Geometry skills
  • Algebraic skills
  • Operations & Number Relationships


  • Turn the question around (TTQA)
  • Developing implicit responses
  • Developing explicit responses
  • Basic phonemic awareness
  • Reading fluency
  • Utilization of context clues