WiSHES will soon offer 2.0 hour virtual tutoring and homework help sessions. This program is in the pilot stage and will offer assistance in reading, reading comprehension, and mathematics to remote and hybrid learners. The WiSHES Tutoring staff will facilitate program activities through online platforms. WiSHES Tutoring will use Tutorfly.org to host virtual academic services and to facilitate communication between your child and their tutor(s)/participants(s).

This educational option is ideal for:

  1. Students who have health challenges preventing them from coming to our facility.
  2. Who are in need of additional individualized assistance that may not be available through hybrid or distance learning programs.
  3. If transportation to our facility is not possible.
  4. If a stay at home order is issued due to COVID-19.

The following basic hardware, school supplies, setting, and skill requirements are needed to participate in this program: 

  1. Highspeed internet service via modem or hotspot
  2. Laptop, desktop, or iPad with a working camera
  3. Working Headphones with a microphone or working microphone in the laptop
  4. Quiet work area
  5. All school supplies (i.e. pencil, eraser, and academic books)
  6. Ability and knowledge of steps required to share their screen with the tutor and upload documents if necessary.

Please note, this list is subject to change and may vary based on students academic needs.

To begin the application process complete and submit the following by clicking the links below:

After clicking the links below the file will appear in a new browser window. Open the file with Adobe Reader. When Adobe Reader opens the file simply complete in all the fields at the bottom of the form. You may then click the Submit Form button at the bottom right of the form to email it directly our program review. You may also save, attach, and email it to our program for review.

  1. Virtual Program Enrollment Packet
  2. Virtual Academic Services Parent Agreement 

Scheduled Sessions
Because staff are expected to have scheduled appointments it is imperative that students are logged on 10 minutes before their sessions begin in case there are any unforeseen technical difficulties. All sessions (unless otherwise stated by the virtual tutor) will conclude promptly at the end of the scheduled time.

All fees are due at the end of the session. Fees may be paid in advance, however, no refunds will be given after payment is made. If services are cancelled with more than 24 hours notice credit balances may be redeemed at a later date.

Please note: Our session late cancellation, no-call-no-show, and non-payment policies will also apply to virtual tutoring sessions and are listed below:

Late Cancellation Fee
A fee of $15.00 will be assessed for all appointments canceled with less than 24 hours’ notice. This
fee will be applied to the next scheduled tutoring session.

No Call – No Show Fee
No Call – No Show Fee: A fee of $30.00 will be assessed for all appointments not attended with no notification of cancellation. This fee will be applied to the next scheduled tutoring session.

Fee for Unpaid Balances
After a fair and equitable time is provided to pay outstanding balances. All unpaid fees will be referred to a debt collection company. Upon referral, the unpaid balance is subject to a 30% fee on the current account balance that will be added to the current account balance.


Cash and the following electronic payment methods are accepted on the website and at our facility in Trotwood, Ohio:

mastercard, visa, discover logo