Transportation Needed

The great need for supplemental academic services has lead to incremental increases in the enrollment of our tutoring and Summer Enrichment Programs. 

Increasing enrollment 15 passenger vanin these programs has made it imperative that we seek more transportation options for our program participants. Optimally the addition of a 15 passenger van would help meet our current transportation needs.


School Supply DriveSchool-supplies

During current economic hardships that families confront, some children begin school without the required supplies. To help parents provide this basic need for our participants we are collecting materials for a school supply drive. You may be a Blessing to our students and their families by providing supplies for the current and upcoming school year.   You may support this effort by:
  1. Donating supplies from the list below.
  2. By requesting a list for a specific school and blessing a student with all supplies needed.

Either donation method will be greatly appreciated!

Donations of the following school supplies are graciously accepted:
Ink Pens (black & blue)
Dry Erase Markers
Crayons (16 count)
Notebook Paper
Colored Pencils (black & blue)
Pink Erasers
USB Drives(16 count)
Glue Sticks
Backpacks (16 count)
Binders (black & blue)
Pencils(16 count)


WiSHES Tutoring Onsite Library

Thanks to all of our donors the onsite library is growing. We currently have 1300+ books that program participants may checkout books for up to two weeks to aid in completing assigned activities or to read leisurely. We are diligently working to catalog, barcode, and organize all of the materials.  Participants also have access to InfOHio, a digital library that contains thousands of resources that can be used for academic assignments or personal educational enrichment.lower_school_library_body_image We are building our library at the WiSHES Trotwood Center and have retained the current library in Huber Heights. If you are interested in donating books please complete a contact form and you will be contacted by a representative from WISE Corp.   Blessings and Thank you for your generous support!