WiSHES Academic Summer Enrichment Program

The Objective of the Summer Enrichment Program

The objective is to innovatively craft activities that differ from those utilized in the classroom. Enrichment activities are frequently interactive in nature and program-focused.   se-enroll-now-2017 The Goal of the Enrichment Program The primary goal is the prevention/reduction in summer learning loss to better prepare program participants to academically excel during the coming school year.  

Tutoring Component of a Summer Enrichment Program

An integral part of the WiSHES Summer Enrichment Program is Tutoring. During the summer much emphasis is placed on re-teaching concepts in mathematics and grammar that were not fully comprehended during the academic school year. Each participants materials are grade specific and thoroughly prepared.

Transportation is Needed


The great need for supplemental academic services has lead to incremental increases in the enrollment of our tutoring and Summer Enrichment Programs. 

Increasing enrollment in these programs has made it imperative that we seek more transportation options for our program participants. Optimally the addition of a 15 passenger van would help meet our current transportation needs.