Parent of a 6th Grader Tutoring & Summer Enrichment Program (December 10, 2020) 2020-12-10

My daughter was struggling terribly in math. The pandemic and virtual learning aggravated her struggle. We immediately knew where to send her WiSHES. This is what my daughter thinks of her experience, WiSHES Services is a family. Great life, with a great tutor. My grades, confidence, and learning strategies have boosted dramatically. I would not have any other tutor or fellow participants. WiSHES is the best educational services I know”.

The Rutledge/Rose Family


Parent of a 12th Grader for Tutoring and Homework Help (December 2, 2020) 2020-12-02

I am taking a break from grading to celebrate #mylastone...
When we first moved here...A'naia struggled academically. She's always been a hard worker...but there was a barrier....a disconnect. Her seventh grade year, Sean suggested one of his old classmates as a tutor. We linked with Carmelia Osley @WiSHESTutoring. Ms. Carmelia is truly a gifted educator! She helped A'naia connect the dots during weekly tutoring sessions. She poured into Anaia in such a beautiful and monumental way...I am grateful for her place in Anaia's village. Seventh grade, those grades moved from C's and D's to A's and B's to straight A's! I witnessed Naia's aha moment as she recognized ALL that she is...she began to stand tall, hold her head high...dig into classwork...even registered for college courses at Sinclair Community College earning A's and B's! Her GPA is making room for her to receive this honor!! That grit is paying off in a mighty way... I am so proud of her...


Parent of a 10th Grader Distance Learning Program (DLP) (October 22, 2020) 2020-10-22

Prior to my child starting at WiSHES he was struggling big time! Lack of motivation, determination, and was overall giving up! Literally the first day there was visible improvement. Now he even asks to go for a few hours on days he isn't scheduled, which is a huge change in character! I highly recommend this program. 


Parent of a 9th Grader Distance Learning Program (DLP) (October 22, 2020) 2020-10-22

My daughter was failing. She could not understand her online classes and needed much structure and support. Within one week of attending WiSHES he grades and her attitude turned around completely. She is now confident and achieving on her own thanks to the incredible support from the caring staff at WiSHES.



Parent of a 6th Grader Distance Learning Program (DLP) (October 26, 2020) 2020-10-26

My son had been attending WiSHES for several years to help to keep him on track and a little ahead. Due to COVID-19, this year DECA decided the we were going to be virtual for the first quarter. Things were rough, we were up some nights until 1:00 am.  My son was not doing well in math and was struggling in other subjects as well. Ms. Osley and her team have done an amazing job with my child and he ended the quarter with all 4A's and 1B. I am so thankful for the team at WiSHES being part of my village. 
The Smiths 


Parent of a 4th Grader Tutoring & Summer Enrichment Program(February 7, 2017) 2017-02-07

I recommend WiSHES Tutoring Services.  Not only does the staff take the time to get to know every student but the atmosphere is positive and faith based.  All of the staff along with Ms. Osley have been wonderful.  They really care and put their all into helping each and every student reach their full potential.  We started to see a struggle with my sons reading comprehension and math when he entered the fourth grade.  Ms. Osley and the staff worked with him and help build his confidence and needs.  He is now at grade level and doing a lot of his work Independently.  The location is convenient for us and the pricing is affordable.  Ms. Osley even transports my son from school to the center on his tutoring days.  The center stays open till around 6pm.  Not only do they concentrate on the students academic needs but WiSHES Tutoring also has a summer enrichment program that both of my children attended last summer.  Not only did they work on the current grade year but they worked on things for the next school year.  My 1st grader then in Kindergarten needed challenges because the work in school was just too easy for him and they worked ahead with him.  They took weekly field trips to places like Cosi, Boonshoft and Newport Aquarium to name a few.  The kids loved it.  I give WiSHES Tutoring an A+++!!