Affordable academic services is not a WiSH but a reality at WiSHES 

Who We Are
WISE Educational Services Corporation (WISE Corp.) is a Faith-Based Non-Profit organization that received 501(c)(3) and incorporation status January of 2014. At WISE Corp. we offer educational, academic enrichment, and mentoring programs for youth and young adults that will improve their academic performance, job skills, and employability.

Our Mission
Our mission is to aid individuals from all socioeconomic strata’s by improving their educational, interpersonal, communication, and socialization skills.

Our Goal
Our goal is to cultivate wisdom in all participants through Christian principles, Christian values, and enrichment activities.

What we do at WISE Corp?
WiSHES Tutoring

  1. We help guide youth (at times reluctantly, until they recognize the role our services can play in helping them achieve their academic goals) on their academic journey. Our ultimate desire is that our program participants realize that the gift that awaits them is attainable, worth working to achieve, and despite the struggle within their grasp. From this desire WiSHES Tutoring was born.

WiSHES Summer Enrichment Connections Program (WSECP)

  • When working with students during the school year their academic progress would be on track. However after returning from Summer Break we regularly noted significant ground had been lost. academic summer slide can be a monumental setback! In response to this need WiSHES Summer Enrichment Connections Program (WSECP) came into fruition.