Great emphasis is placed on assessment data, however, it is but one piece in the educational process. At WiSHES we focus on:

  • Identifying holes in a students learning
  • Teaching and reteaching concepts at the point that the disconnect occurred
  • Rebuilding students confidence in the areas that they struggle
  • Effective communication with the student and parents to gain more insight into areas where we can be of assistance

Math Assessment
This assessment is done onsite and facilitated by WiSHES staff  at our Trotwood, Ohio location. Data collected will aid in identifying fundamental math deficiencies. Because mathematics is cumulative until fundamentals are effectively understood the foundation upon which this academic house is build can never be stable. We therefore, seek to identify concepts the student is struggling with and sure up that foundation.


Reading Comprehension Assessment
This assessment will aid in determining students ability to understand and interpret text read. To accurately understand text the following skills are needed:

  1. Decoding what is read
  2. Understanding Implicit Content: Make connections between what is read and what they already know
  3. Extraction of Explicit Content: Identify and extract responses directly from the text
  4. Think deeply about what they have read
  5. Paraphrase responses to questions asked

In accordance with COVID-19 social distancing mandates we allow a maximum of 9 students in a gathering space at a time. Therefore, it is imperative that students are dropped off and picked up in accordance with their scheduled appointments. All sessions (unless otherwise stated by the tutor) will end promptly at the end of the scheduled time.

All fees are due at the end of the session. Fees may be paid in advance, however, no refunds will be given after payment is made. If services are cancelled with more than 24 hours notice credit balances may be redeemed at a later date.

Please note: Our session late cancellation, no-call-no-show, and non-payment policies listed below:

Late Cancellation Fee
A fee of $15.00 will be assessed for all appointments canceled with less than 24 hours’ notice. This fee will be applied to the next scheduled tutoring session.

No Call – No Show Fee
No Call – No Show Fee: A fee of $30.00 will be assessed for all appointments not attended at the scheduled time with no notification of cancellation. This fee will be applied to the next scheduled tutoring session.

Fee for Unpaid Balances
After a fair and equitable time is provided to pay outstanding balances. All unpaid fees will be referred to a debt collection company. Upon referral, the unpaid balance is subject to a 30% fee on the current account balance that will be added to the current account balance.


Cash and the following electronic payment methods are accepted on the website and at our facility in Trotwood, Ohio:

mastercard, visa, discover logo