Safety and Number of Participants

Due to space constraints the maximum number of participants in the Distance Learning Program is 23. During this time of “new normal” we at WiSHES are taking many precautions to guard the safety of program participants, staff, and the loving family members with whom we reside. Among the measures are:

  1. Masks are worn by staff and participants upon entering
  2. When entering and before leaving the building all program participants temperatures are taken using an infrared thermometer.
  3. All staff and students are either socially distanced by a 6 feet proximity or separated by plastic partition from ceiling to tabletop.
  4. Our classrooms adhere to Governor DeWine’s requirement (1 instructor and 9 students) for occupants in a gathering space.
  5. When seated and doing their studies within the plastic partitions students are permitted to have a break from wearing their masks.
  6. Surfaces (tabletop and chairs are wiped with Clorox cleaner.
  7. Door handles and doors are wiped with Clorox cleaner.
  8. Students are 1:1 with computer equipment and headphones.
  9. All other cleaning and sanitation measures are standard for business operation.


What is Distance Learning and is it Right for Your Child?

Distance learning, often called distance education, is the process where students utilize the internet to attend classes and complete courses, without having to physically attend a school. Distance learning is not the ideal instructional method for all students and families that have returned to work following the onset of the pandemic. It may not be the best fit for everyone and below a but a few struggles that have been shared with me by parents:

  1. Young people that are unmotivated to complete their work in the setting that is not intended for all day academic learning.
  2. Students who are still learning or have not mastered academic organizational skills
  3. Maintaining a schedule for their children that is conducive for distancing learning
  4. Increased tension between parent and child when the schoolwork is not getting done

These are but a few examples that have brought parents to the conclusion that co-teaching simply is not feasible for their child and peace in their homes until students return to school.

The staff at WiSHES is here to help by providing your child with structure and support when challenges arise. However, our best efforts will only be successful if the child is held accountable for the role they play in their success. Under the guidance and direction of caring staff that will provide a watchful eye and work collaboratively with teachers, guidance counselors, and parents. At WiSHES we see each of these challenges as opportunities for improvement.

Students can thrive in the remote learning environment. Below are a few testimonials from students and parents after participating in WiSHES Distance Learning Program:

6th Grader Distance Learning Program Distance Learning Program (DLP) (October 24, 2020) 2020-10-24

WiSHES has helped me with my academics so far in the school year. I have been getting good grades and all my work is done.  The staff here are amazing people because they are nice. Sometimes Ms. Osley gives you snacks for helping clean up and that is very thoughtful.


6th Grader Distance Learning Program Distance Learning Program (DLP) (October 24, 2020) 2020-10-24

I have only been at the WiSHES program for one month and they have helped me so much with my work and getting my grades up. They are kind, caring, and very patient with all of us. They are so great at their job!


9th Grade Distance Learning Program Distance Learning Program (DLP) (October 24, 2020) 2020-10-24

WiSHES has helped me tremendously with getting my school grades back on track. Ms. Osley and her lovely staff were able to help me succeed immediately! WiSHES is a great distraction free learning environment where I am motivated to learn stress free!


10th Grader Distance Learning Program Distance Learning Program (DLP) (October 24, 2020) 2020-10-24

The WiSHES program helped me more than words can explain in just a few days. I haven’t had much time at the program yet but, the time I have had has helped my grades and my attitude do a complete turnaround. I am now in a position at school to be successful and will continue to thrive because of this program. Ms. Osley pushed me to get work done and helped me with anything I needed and went out of her with unconditional support to help me succeed and I will always be thankful for her and her WiSHES program.

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